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There are so many types of films. How do I choose the one that is right for my building?

Every building is different and every client has different goals and expectations. We will listen to your needs and make appropriate recommendations, however in many cases we may need to run an energy analysis and install test panels to help you determine the best fit for your building.

How do I apply for a rebate for the window film I plan to have installed?

We will assist you every step of the way and can often complete and submit your application for you. In some cases the utility company may require pre and post inspections. We will work with them to ensure they have everything they need to approve your rebate.

Realistically, how long will window film last?

Each series of film has a different warranty and life expectancy. Ten to fifteen years is the standard warranty range, however, in our experience most of our Solargard films outlast their warranty period. As the technology continues to improve we expect window films to last in excess of 20 years.

How long will it take for the film to be installed?

That depends on the size of the scope, but once we schedule a job we work diligently to finish within the agreed upon timeframe. Our representative will help you establish a timeframe after meeting with you to review the property and establish the scope of work.

Can window film be installed after hours when it is dark outside?

Yes, in most cases we can install window film during evening hours and on weekends to avoid disrupting the tenants.

Can I buy the film from you and install it myself?

We do not recommend installing film yourself. Even though you may have some success installing it, the manufacturer will only warranty its products when installed by an authorized dealer.

I heard that window film might cause glass to break. Is that true?

No. If the appropriate product is installed and the glass type and shading conditions are considered prior to installation (which we will do), you do not need to worry about glass breakage. Additionally, your warranty includes glass breakage coverage. Please see our warranty page for full details.

Can your window film cause my dual pane windows to fail or get foggy?

No. Our entire window film line is dual pane safe. Any dual pane window can fail, with or without window film. A failure is caused by a weak or defective seal. To address these concerns, Solargard warranty covers glass and film replacement should a failure occur. Please see our warranty page for full details.

How do I clean the windows after the film is installed?

Window film may be cleaned with a soft clean cloth and alcohol based cleaners or plain water after the 30 day dry-out period. We will provide complete cleaning and care instructions after the installation.

I want to install security film to protect my store from burglary. Do these security films really prevent breaking and entering?

Yes, but we need to install thick film and an attachment system. We have done a lot of testing and know that thinner films with no attachment systems do not work well at all. Please call us to discuss your store in more detail. We can design a solid system for your business that will work when put to the test.

Do anti-graffiti films interfere with the view into my storefront?

No. Anti-graffiti film is clear and will be virtually invisible.

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